Welcome to Mathieu BRUNOT's Personal Website

I created this website for several reasons:


As a geek computer science enthusiast, I like to play with different kind of technologies, may they be new or old.

This includes things such as live demos for some web technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Web services, etc...


I originally created this website while I was a student at ISIMA.

It intended to provide an access point to some useful ressources, such as teaching material, courses description or even templates for reports, to ISIMA students (ZZ) and now everybody else interested.


Well, I will admit that I am not doing this completely out of interest. If through some of the things present here I can promote some tools or «make myself a name», I would be glad.

Also, if you are a professional, do not hesitate to take a look at my resume and get in touch with me.

I hope you will enjoy your time while you are visiting this site.

Feel free to contact me, should you have any questions, advices or just want to give me your support.

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